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Submitted on
April 23, 2013


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Just got the call, I have been offered a full time, entry level, graphic design job with School Zone, a company that works with educational software and tools. I am so excited, and with my birthday this saturday, it's a great surprise! I get to dump my crappy meijer job, give two weeks at the library and move on to what I ACTUALLY want to do with my life!!!

Well, in response to this, I will be busy. I have to find a place to live, as the work place is two hours away, need to get a drug and physical exam, and stuff. I will be uploading as, since I get to quit Meijer, I'll have some free evenings the next few weeks. But once it gets close to moving time I will be crazy busy.

You guys have no idea how stoked I am!


This is a silly contest that I'm not going to give a HUGE amount of time for you guys to do as I don't take the subject seriously. But here it is.

The Premise:
Pair your big cat fursona(if you do not have a fursona, use a big cat OC) with a character from The Future of Our Past character. Any character, canon, semi canon, TFOUP OC's. They can also be any type of romance. Heterosexual, homosexual, creepy stalker sexual, and so on. Get creative with it. Show a character from my comic romantically involved, or stalked by, or whatever, by your fursona/OC

- no bases
- no line art
- no manipulated screen shots
- no tracing
- basically no stealing
- must be paired with a character form my comic; semi canon, canon, or comic OC are acceptable. Can not be any canon or semi canon character who has not been seen in the comic yet(so no Tojo, Kiara, Kopa, etc.. they aren't in the comic yet)
- said character your fursona is paired with should be in the image with your fursona
- no sexually explicit artworks. anything I deem too sexual I will not accept.
- no photography
- traditional entries(hand drawn) are allowed, but must be uploaded as a quality image
- one entry per person
- I accept homosexual pairings :)
- I do not accept anything I would consider pedophilia. There should be no romantic images involving cubs. Two cubs with a crush is different. But no adult/cub romantic art.
(rules are subject to change)

Due Date:

April 27th(my birthday), 2013 12:00am US Eastern Time. No entries will be accepted after this time.


1st Place: 500 :points:

2nd Place: 300 :points:

3rd Place: 200 :points:

Current Entries:
:thumb365094778: Lutalo and Naanda albinoraven666fanart Contest by SciFiBeatlesGleek
Pervy Jakka by ruby-107 Contest Entry For AlbinoRaven by Peregrinestar Contest Entry by prettyInudemon
Naanda and Kukopa by NokaWolf Mnayama and Marima by Vitani449 Mkali and Naanda by NantheCowdog
A moment by XUhuruX Fangirl/boy pairing contest entry by SilverScarlet99 Rinja Puts The Moves On Babu by Rinjapine
Um..? by NayeliofBeginnings :thumb365788397: Darn! Wrong Lion by IneraBelle
Contest Entry! Mfuasi and Uzuri by kibafan1232 :thumb365902270: Under the moon by Zevono
:thumb366096110: Contest by Wolfsea Dat Mane by AskTyranno
Immunity by DrazziElder Tranquility and Youth by howrsesr1 'What do you take me for? A cradle robber?' by ggctuk
Asaith and Dwala by EyesInTheDark666 Moyo and Lisimba by KassyKat

Disclaimers: I am allowing my characters to be misrepresented out of humor based reasons for this contest. But in no way should you pair my OC's with your OC's for any other reason than this contest.
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dacostpa Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's WONDERFUL news and I'm truly happy for you! :D
CreekfrostWarrior Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrats :) Hope you like it!
Congrats!!!! :D :D
Congratulation! I hope you have fun! :D
Lady-Satra Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations :p
Nala15 Apr 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
Awesomeness, Raven! :la: I'm so happy for you! :squee:
Sylver-Nyx Apr 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
YAY! Omg awesome :D still gonna be in MI?
:icongrin--plz:Congratulations!!! :icongrin--plz:
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