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Submitted on
January 30, 2013


2 (who?)
Haven't uploaded in a few days. kinda in a funk, and kinda very busy XDDD
I am loving the entries I have so far, everyone is putting so much work into their pages, and it looks great :D I'm hoping to get a few more, if you guys are interested. I always offer great prizes(listed below) and you could have the honor of exhibiting your page in my comic. Which is always good for YOUR publicity, as, though I don't mean to brag, my pages get a lot of daily views, and if your page is the one chosen, it will get a lot of views and hopefully attract attention to your gallery! I urge other artists to do this sort of thing, share the love!!!

Just to answer a question that keeps cropping up. Taka does not have his scar yet in this part.

Uhhh, what elseeee.... I dunno, I think that's it. Time is running out! So those of you who are interested, get hoppin! :D

And to those who have already entered, great entries! I'm very impressed by the entries I am receiving in this contest.

The Premise:
I will give you a piece of script from "Uru's Reign", The very ending of Chapter 4 to be specific, and you will make a comic page out of it. The winning entry will be uploaded to my gallery as a legit page of Uru's Reign, will all credit going to you, the artist.

The Script:
I will not tell you anything about what happens before this point, as I don't want to spoil anything. This will give you an interesting challenge, as the page starts off in the middle of a heated conversation. I think a challenge is good. But I will give you the setting. The Pride Lands, not at Pride Rock, close to the border. Time of day, sunset. It is the end of Chapter 4, the chapter we are currently on, so the characters should appear in their TEEN design, not cub, not adult. Feel free to panel out the page how ever you feel fit, but do not alter the text, except to correct spelling and grammar, and all text must somehow fit into the page. Either through few panels or multiple. That doesn't bother me.

"Taka: How dare you! This is all your fault!
Mufasa: No…No it's not. I've done everything I can to show you love, brotherly kinship, friendship and opportunity. But you sneer at me and turn away, just like everything else in life. Any neglect you feel, or conspiracy you feel is against you are only warped perceptions of your selfish mind. I love you Taka. But if anyone has ever hurt you in life…It has only been yourself. I'll always be here for you… But you need to find yourself, Taka. Before it's too late. I don't want to loose my brother.
(---Mufasa Leaves, Taka looks over the horizon of The Pride Lands---)
Taka: You already have….
(End Chapter 4)"

- Traditional entries can be accepted, use standard computer paper. upload must be from a scanner or high quality camera
- it must be 11inchesX17inches(widthxheight) at 150 resolution. also could be seen as 3300x5100 pixels
- there must be panels, this can't be a single image.
- there must be backgrounds and full color
- all the text must be included in the correct order, how you layout the text in various panels is up to you. the action text "(---Mufasa Leaves, Taka looks over the horizon of The Pride Lands---)" of course should not be included
- please use my colors of Taka and Mufasa
- characters must be in their teens
- no tracing, using bases, copying, recoloring or any form of theft may be used in this project
- no photography
- one entry per person
(I reserve the right to amend rules as I see fit)

Due Date: February 10th, 2013 12:00am US eastern time zone.


1st: 800 :points: , full commission (will appear in comic)
2nd: 500 :points: , full commission
3rd: 200 :points: , full commission
Current Entries:
Uru's Reign page entry by TC-96 Comic Page (Contest Entry) by ValiantShadow Uru's Reign page entry by ymke1000
:thumb349703231: Contest Entry - Raven's Comic Page by Devinital Albinoraven666fanart page contest entry by randomly-artist
Uru's Reign Contest Entry by chip667 Contest comic Uru reing by Yesterday-Torrey Lion King Comic Contest by Stormyblock
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Hey, I love your comic. Your storytelling is great and your artwork is beautiful. Just a quick note though... Loose is the opposite of tight, lose is to no longer have something. Just one of those things. I look forward to more of your work!
Yesterday-Torrey Jan 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh sorry it not that [link] its that [link]
superhorse1999 Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a pity that I don't have time to enter, but I probably will in the next contest.
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