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I had a dream I was a wolf last night. Just felt like sharing this. You see, I have very detailed dreams most nights, and frequently have multiple dreams a night. I also tend to have really really crazy dreams, I’m guessing it has to do with being creative. I also don’t have a lot of nightmares because most dreams people would call nightmares(like monsters, dinosaurs, natural disasters, zombies, apocalypse, etc.) actually excite me. Though I don’t like “horror” themed dreams, as in there’s a scary demon girl coming to kill me, and sad dreams are my versions of nightmare, I am rarely unsettled by dreams.

But yeah, back to last night! I don’t really remember the exact plot of my dream, but I was a large white male wolf, and I think we were in a ransacked city. There were tall buildings and a lot of garbage, crashed cars, and clutter. I remember being shot at, and running away, so I’m guessing there was enemy humans. But the main sense I remember was needing to find someone or something. I also must have been a high ranking wolf because I remember two pack members rolling onto their backs when I growled at them, but I definitely wasn’t alpha because I reported to a larger grey male wolf… To bad it wasn’t one of my more vivid dreams, to the point I can remember anything, but damn it was a cool dream. I so very rarely get to be an animal.

Fun Raven Dream Facts:

  • I once had a very prophetic dream about dying and the end of the earth. I don’t believe it’s actual prophecy but that’s how it felt. God appeared to me, physically looking like Gandhi, and waved to the sky and managed to open it so that I could, somehow, see the entire universe at once. I was then told that one day in my life time, that the world would end, but that he would come to me and ask something of me that would prevent the coming apocalypse. The dream fast forwards from there and I am an old woman, living with my daughter and her family. Gandhi-God comes again, and tells me that if me and my youngest Granddaughter go with him that the world will not end. My grand daughter was afraid at first so Gandhi-God took us to a hill and did the hand wave trick and showed us both the universe in the sky that time, and we both felt such a feeling of peace that we agreed to go with him. And then I woke up.
  • I have been animal dreams, rarely, but I do and I love them. i have been wolves and horses most frequently, but I have also been dogs, lions, a dragon once, a raptor once, and I think a polar bear.
  • I am often the other gender in my dreams. I’d say it’s 50/50 whether I’ll be my own gender, or a male version of myself; human or not.
  • When I am in horrible situations, like drowning under ice or falling, I am usually deep down aware that I am dreaming and can use that to calm my dream self down.
  • I have, however, died in my dreams… And I’m still alive, so the whole “if you die in your dreams…” thing is fake.
  • I feel pain in my dreams. I just don’t keep feeling that pain when I wake up.
  • I very rarely have “normal” dreams. Meaning dreams about school, work, life, etc.
  • I have never killed anyone I care about in my dreams, or anyone I actually know. I have, however, shot random dream characters/zombies/whatever.
  • I have very frequent erotic dreams which I won’t go into detail about.
  • I do not recall ever eating or drinking anything on my dreams. I do, however, get hungry and thirsty. 
  • I remember a nightmare I had about Bill Nye the Science Guy from way back when I was very little.
  • When I was in high school my dad woke me up for school. Instantly I went back to bed, but my dream was me getting ready and going to high school. So when my dad came back in to tell me I was late, and woke me up, I was very confused for a while.
  • I can never run very well in dreams, unless I’m an animal.
  • I have a lot of crazy car stuff happen in dreams… Like getting lost on a highway I know, randomly launching off a bridge though I went over a little bump, car problems… Basically, cars are not good in my dreams.
  • If I leave a location in my dream, knowing I have to return at some point, I can never find my way back.
  • I have 3 specific locations the appear sometimes in my dreams that are reoccurring that I don’t remember seeing in real life. One is a waiting room with light purple walls and dark purple furniture. One is a larger cabin like hunting lodge, with large caribou antlers mountain over huge windows looking out a forest. The other is my middle school library. 

Anyway, that’s enough dream stuff from me for now. Don’t forget about the contest!


Forgot due date. June 1st 2015

Haven’t done a contest in a month or so so why not. Create a character contest for the missing pieces in my TLK family Tree. Not really in a huge TLK mood as of late, but I do love seeing contest entries and these slots do need to be filled.

The Premise:

Take one of the missing pieces of my family tree, FOOP Family Tree as of 3/19/2015 by albinoraven666fanartmarked with question marks, and create a character to fit there. There’s no promises I’ll ever actually get around to that characters specific story, but your design, if you win for that character will be considered an official character in the family tree. There are 5 characters to be designed, 5 winners, go!


  • 1 entry per person
  • Entries, including backgrounds, must bee 100% originally draw by the contestant.
  • If you win, you surrender all rights to that character.
  • Characters to be drawn are indicated by question marks on the family tree FOOP Family Tree as of 3/19/2015 by albinoraven666fanart, you can not draw future unknown characters.
  • Name the character and provide a color index
  • Though not exactly a rule, I will not likely pick any characters that do not fit into the theme(example: bright pink lion with angel wings)
  • As a lot of these are mates/parents of other characters, I request they be heterosexual pairings. I have nothing against homosexuality or anything akin to it, it’s just not what I want for those characters.


Now this is going to be a bit different than my other contests. There will be no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place but more so I will be picking my favorite for each question mark spot on my family tree. And honorable mentions may be given out.

If your design gets picked for a character you get…

  • full commission
  • 400 :points:

If you get an honorable mention:

  • half commission

Current Entries:

AlbinoRaven666Fanart Contest Entry by Strayhowl Contest Entry by KyoSohma01 Chane - 'dependable' : contest entry by TheForgottenLioness
Dumaka's Mum (contest entry) by shannonturner  AlbinoRaven Contest Entry by ladyjurassic Joto-albinoraven666 contest entry by pikapat321
Contest entry for albinoraven! by The-WhiteLioness Contest by werewolftg Contest Entry - Zakia by Anyahs
Contest Entry For Albinoraven666fanart by mackenzierae23 Chuma (Contest Entry) by RedTheLioness

Would you stop watching me if I stopped doing Lion King Fan Art?(mostly meaning the comic as I probably would do the occasional fan piece.) 

412 deviants said Maybe, it depends on how much I liked your new stuff
290 deviants said No, I would keep watching you
129 deviants said Yes, I would stop watching you

The Future of our Past Comics in Order

Click on the links and follow the thumbnails in the description.

Mohatu's Reign:

Uru's Reign Part 1:

The Eastland Chronicles:

Uru's Reign Part 2:


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The-WhiteLioness Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Aw, ok. :)
The-WhiteLioness Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Raven! Could you join my contest!?…
albinoraven666fanart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Sorry, I don't join contests very often.
The-WhiteLioness Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
Here is a small gift for you raven!…
albinoraven666fanart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
The-WhiteLioness Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
I also voted for you by the way! :D
albinoraven666fanart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Well thank you!
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did a little doodle of Hilter Thiler!(if you wanna check it out c: I would've colored + lineart-ed it but I have to get off the pc at 12:30 every night :U (it's currently 12:12)

Thiler by Cynderthedragon5768
It's him and a poor unfortunate cub who managed to get snatched by him. I feel she's way to big here.xD(she's a little over cub-Simba's age) Either that or Thiler is too small.
She's a kid of one of the cannon TLK characters, though its probs obvious from her colors.xD
And dannnggg, he's insanely fun to draw.xD You have no idea:happybounce:
albinoraven666fanart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
WEll she could always be an older cub :) And you draw him very well! :D
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I was wondering if I could ask you something?
Do you remember that contest entry you did for Koai's contest? The grey male lion called... thiler, wasn't? I was wondering if you might be willing to sell him to me? I really fell in love with his design and personality. I'd be willing to pay an price for him<3
*that is if you still own him and if you don't want him. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Have a great day:D and happy(late) birthday!:party:
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