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My Discord Channel is pleased to introduce our newest rp "Prides Divided". It is based generations after TLK2(I will post the details below.)

As I always do, I am announcing this so people can join if they wish. It is on the Discord app so you'll need a discord account.

This is in no way related to United Prides, an tlk rp I used to host on Deviant Art. Prides Divided and United Prides should be seen as different things.

The way we rp is quite relaxed with admins only interfering if they need to. I am being selective about kings and queens simply because I only want people I know are active playing those rolls to make sure it doesn't die. But the rules, I feel, are a bit more lax than United Prides, so.. Yeah.. Anyway, I'll provide the link, and then the rules below. This will bring you to our OOC sub-channel where admins can help and guide.

*This rp has nothing to do what’s-so-ever to my previously made United Prides RP that was on Deviantart*


After Kovu and the other Outlanders have been accepted into the Pride Lands, things were not completely perfect. Some of the Outlanders, Especially Kovu who had been accepted as the Future King to the Pride Lands as Kiara’s Mate, felt right at home. But for others, such as Kovu’s sister Vitani, still felt like outsiders. Vitani, despite being the one who convinced The Outlanders during The Battle at the Gorge to abandon her mother, Zira, had the hardest time of all removing all the brainwashing she had received growing up. She grew anxious, guilty and lonely, and those feelings she developed anger. And from that anger she slowly started reverting to the beliefs that her mother had put into her growing up, that Scar deserved to be King and that his followers deserved the right to Pride Rock, and even the throne. Slowly, she managed to get some of the Outlanders in the Pride Lands to join her beliefs, and a revolution was planned. They attacked, and tried to dethrone Simba and kill Kiara. They failed as the Pride Lander numbers, mixed with the Outlanders who did not return to Zira’s old ways, were too great. Vitani and the other Outlanders who betrayed the Pride Lands were sent back to the Outlands. There, the pack went back to their old life, accepting in any rogues to try to build their numbers. Today, generations later, we are left with the distant relatives of Vitani and those Outlanders in the Outlands, and the descendants of the Pride Landers in the Pride Lands. Since Vitani’s revolution and exile, there has not yet been another war… But tensions between the two Prides still remain. In the Graveyard, however, the Hyenas returned. They are not the threat they once were when Scar was involved in the clan generations back, but they are still not trusted by The Pride Landers and are not permitted in the Pride Lands; they do occasionally wander into both the Pride Lands and The Outlands.


Three Territories:

  1. The Pride Lands

  2. The Outlands

  3. The Graveyard


Characters you can play:

  1. Pride Lander Lions

  2. Outlander Lions

  3. Hyenas

  • One character per account


RP Rules:

  • Characters can change Prides so long as they are accepted into which ever Pride they’re  defecting to.

  • No lion/other big cat hybrids

  • These lions/hyenas are based off The Lion King, and their looks and characteristics should mirror them. So natural color variations are acceptable from reds to golds. I’m also ok with blacks, whites, and greys. Why not?

  • Outlander or Pridelanders can have either Outlander or Pridelander features as the Prides were once mixed.

  • No super powers/fantasy abilities/scifi powers

  • No human or human like adornments such as necklaces, collars, feathers in manes, and so on.

  • Realistic handicaps only please. A blind and deaf lion might live, but limbless lions would starve.

  • Your lion can be slightly bigger or smaller than normal, but should not be a super giant strong lion for example.

  • Each lion Pride will have a King or Queen picked by admins as those who are active members. It’s nothing personal if you’re not chosen, but whoever is in those leadership positions should be very active members.

  • Kings and Queens can be overthrown. These fights must be overseen by an admin, and results will be chosen by dice roll to keep it fair. 5 round fight, highest roll wins, tie defaults to male victory as, sorry fellow ladies, male lions are stronger than lionesses. Tie between two female/two males will be considered as no damage to either and another round will be added. If the fight ends on a tie, another round is added.

  • In regards to the Hyenas, there is a female leader, a Matriarch. Same rules apply, only active members can be leaders in the rp. In a fight to usurp, it must be overseen by an admin, same rules meaning 5 rounds, highest dice roll wins. Only females can be Matriarch, but can take a head male as their mate...But he really doesn’t have much diplomatic authority as in Hyena clans the highest ranking male is still lower than the lowest ranking female.

  • In regards to challenging for king/queen… I’d only suggest doing it if it aids the plot in some way and you’re a super active member… You might piss off the entire community/derail the rp if you challenge just because you want to, become king/queen/matriarch, and then vanish from the rp because you’re not active enough.

  • Affairs between the two Prides don’t bother me, and could make interesting tension in the rp.

  • Affairs in general I don’t care about. If the King is a horn dog, or something. I don’t care. Do what you want.

  • Cubs should be played by new people, or people who want their current characters to die. In the last case scenario where you can’t find someone, you can create another account and rp the cubs… But please only use this as a last resort as it can get confusing.

  • In regards to cubs: max of 4 per birth(so long as you can find people to play them). Pregnant for 2 real weeks, should remain cubs for 3 real weeks, teens for 3 real weeks, then adult after that. Elder and death can be established when people think it’s time.

  • Royal Cubs: First born is next ruler if they come from different litters. You can chose the heir if there are multiple cubs in a litter. Bastards, or cubs sired by the king/queen by a male/female who is not their king/queen would not be considered for a royal position unless all other heirs are not available to rule or both the King and Queen accept that bastard cub as their own(thought that might be fun for drama)

  • Only adults can have cubs.

  • Murder/death of a character has to be agreed upon by the owner of that character.

  • Sexual assault themes are accepted, but are not allowed to be rp in the room and should be “assumed to have happened” if you want that to happen for plot reasons.

  • Cubs/Teens can not be included in sexual assault themes. Let’s keep it to only lions that can reproduce which are adult lions. This isn’t to say that you can have a perverted lion that is into that sort of thing, but I’m not allowing it to actually happen in the rp. To Dark!!

  • Please be clear about where you are located, whether it be the Outlands, Graveyard or Pride Lands and be clear about where you are headed if you’re traveling outside of your territory.

  • I will allow rogues, but if everyone ends up choosing rogue I will ask them to pick a Pride. This rp is about three rival factions, not about a bunch of rogues.

  • I will permit varying sexualities.  

*rules are subject to change*


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Should I upload the line art from my comic/commissions(that aren't unique to a character) as bases? They would go for points, they wouldn't be free. 

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Hello! And welcome to my page. I am a relatively friendly human being who goes by the motto of "treat others how you would like to be treated" but I also believe in "others should treat me how they want to be treated." So if you come to my page just to be a jerk, you'll likely going to find yourself on the end of a ban and if you insist on coming back to induce havoc then you'll be reported :D

Anyway, onto stuff about me. I'm in my twenties, live in the Mitten State, and have about 3 years professional graphic design experience with smatterings of professional Illustration and Animation. I am currently an assistant teacher, and hope to work onto a Masters in Fine Arts so I can teach College, and a Teaching degree.

I love animals, I currently have a Dog, cat and hedgehog and will probably collect more cuddly babies. I am an adult who will always prefer to watch an animated movie over an live action movie or show, unless it's The Walking Dead because I'm a bit addicted to that show. I like all sorts of music, basically if I listen to a song and like it it ends up in my playlist, even if I don't like the band in general.

Um... My art interests run more towards animals and nature rather than humans and technology, though I am trying to get more experienced with drawing the human world.

Lion king for the win, Dinosaurs are awesome and should totally be cloned(I choose to completely ignore the warnings Jurassic Park give us in this regard XD.)

Ummm... Other than that... Commissions are always open, feel free to pop me a note if you want. :) Laters


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I really love your art
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Hello, Albinoravenfanart666. I am the younger sister of Kittencuddlesandhugs, and I have longed into her account to tell you something because I am too young to join. I visit DeviantArt alot, and I've read all your TLK comics. They're great! But once when I was visiting a site called My Lion King, I saw this picture:…

Is that lion there your character, Dumaka?
Kittencuddlesandhugs Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
I'm just telling you this because I know lots of characters from popular fancomics are stolen. It might just be a coincidence that there's a character with the same name and a similar design, but I just thought I should let you know.
pikapat321 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
The name Ahadi first appeared in the lion king books, that's why several stories include him Raven didn't come up with his name
Kittencuddlesandhugs Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Yes, I know. But I'm talking about the other lion. He looks like Raven's character, Dumaka. And if you save the picture to your computer, you'll see that the picture is called "ahadi hates dumaka"
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Sorry for interrupt you, but I'm looking for a good artist who could do me a nice comic logo for my project, would you recommend someone?
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I just I let you know they added The Lion King to the National Film Registry at The Library Of Congress.  
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